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Why should you buy in Soltir?

Soltir to why buy?

  1. Our fresh products we collect fruits and vegetables from the field daily. That is why we can provide you the freshest products.
  2. We have the quality certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and GLOBALGAP in order to ensure our products' quality.
  3. Our warmth climate, especially where we are located, is the best one for growing fruits and vegetables.
  4. We are specialists in salling fruits and vegetables to wholesalers and professionals by  offering specific advantages to the companies of this sector.
  5. Our production volume, brought by more than 216 partners, guarantees a continuous supply.
  6. We provide humane and personal treatment when executing your orders. We will be at your disposal if you need additional information.
  7. Our sale prices guarantee the best results for you and your business.
  8. You will purchase directly from the producer or farmer without any intermediaries.
  9. Logistics we carry your orders to wherever your business is. Place your order now and we will carry it to any location in Spain or Europe.